Queers & Migrant Film Festival

December 04, 2019 - 1610 views

From December 9th to December 15th
2015 the first International Queer &
Migrant Film Festival takes place in
Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.
The festival aims to highlight films,
photography and literature about
sexual diversity in migrant societies,
with recurring themes as migrant
or queer identity. Sometimes the
films are made by filmmakers
who are migrants themselves. The
movies give a better understanding
in the complexity of multiple iden
tities and its added value. A festival
where stories are being told, where
a platform for discussion is created
and where opinions are accentuated.
We talk about urgent actual matters,
we organize discussions and involve
international filmmakers through
debates after screenings.
The program of the festival consists of
movies from countries where different
groups of Dutch people have tight relation
ships with, like Turkey, Morocco, Surinam
but also from Iran, Lebanon, India and Syria.
On December 9th you can draw up to
the table with refugees and meet them in
a relaxed environment before you attend
a screening. We made a special selection
for you that takes you along movies where
a lot of refugees come from for the moment,
it is called ‘Vluchtroute’.


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