Ralph Remers Founder Strike Me Pink Productions 5 maart 2021

April 21, 2021 - 115 views

Interview with Mally Clark on Pidi Radio Weekend show 

‘Strike Me Pink Productions’ is a brand new English-speaking theatre production company based in Amsterdam. We aspire to create theatre that deals with themes relating to the LGBTQ-community by writing new material or producing adaptations of existing pieces. With this, we tend to widen the representation of this community within the current theatre landscape. 

“As an actor, over-all theatre enthusiast, and a gay man myself, I found myself looking for theatre that dealt with issues we, as gay people, are dealing with daily or issues we overcome in the past. And in general, a beautiful love story between two men or two women. I’d decided to take matters into my own hand and started writing and producing a play.” – Ralph Remers (Founder Strike Me Pink Productions)


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