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The story of DJ and producer Robin Schulz reads like a “one in a million story”. Born in Osnabrück (Germany), he now travels around the world to make his followers happy with his music. He is the epitome of the word "pop phenomenon": It has been a good four years since Robin Schulz's celebrated remix of "Waves (feat. Mr. Probz)" and the global hit "Prayer In C (feat. LillyWood & The Prick) ”for the first time mixed up the tops of the worldwide single charts - half an eternity in the fast-moving dance music cosmos of the 30-year-old artist! With his unique mix of house, electro and pop, the Osnabrück DJ and producer has blossomed into the most successful German music export of the last two decades, who hits the nerve of the times with his celebrated mega hits again and again and brings the audience around the planet to absolute frenzy. After countless top 1 placements in over 20 countries, more than 250 gold and platinum awards as well as billions of streams of his songs and videos, the four-time ECHO award winner is now completely “Uncovered” on his third studio album!  

Robin Schulz "Uncovered": Inspired by the months of filming of his documentary "Robin Schulz - The Movie" published in early 2017, the Lower Saxony hit maker is now opening another chapter in his groundbreaking work. "I'm not really known for giving a lot of interviews," said Robin about the title of his third long player. “For the first time, when I was working on the film, I really spoke intensively about my life and my career. It was during this time that the idea arose to name the current album 'Uncovered'. ”Schulz worked on the tracks for almost 13 months in order to present himself even more multifaceted and stylistically wider on“ Uncovered ”! After the three pre-singles like the platinum-winning David Guetta / Cheat Codes collaboration “Shed A Light”,  

In addition to completely sold-out tours throughout Europe, America and Asia to Australia, Schulz has been a guest at all major festivals such as the renowned iTunes Festival in London, the Ultra Music Festival in Miami or the Tomorrowland Festivals in Belgium and Brazil, and is also a regular guest to experience as a sought-after resident DJ in Ibiza and Las Vegas. Long before the release, the notorious continent-hopper tested his new tracks extensively live in front of his millions of people worldwide; such as during his appearances in the opening act of none other than pop superstar Justin Bieber, for whom he brought the party crowd in Mexico City to the operating temperature last summer. "My ideas came from all over the world," continued Robin. “We started in Ibiza last year, after that I actually worked in all sorts of places around the world. We chose a studio in Germany for the final completion. The support shows for Justin were just amazing. Mexico is also a very strong market for me. The audience was extremely energetic and celebrated my songs. Justin is also meganett and a really cool guy. This experience was definitely a highlight of my career so far, which I will remember for a long time! " The audience was extremely energetic and celebrated my songs. Justin is also meganett and a really cool guy. This experience was definitely a highlight of my career so far, which I will remember for a long time! " The audience was extremely energetic and celebrated my songs. Justin is also meganett and a really cool guy. This experience was definitely a highlight of my career so far, which I will remember for a long time! "

As musical special guests, Robin Schulz has once again gathered a well-balanced mix of international world stars and hip must-watch talents in the studio on “Uncovered”. Top-class artists such as David Guetta, James Blunt or Sam Martin meet up with promising newcomers such as the French starter HUGEL, the American singer / songwriter Marc Scibilia or the Swedish singer Rhys. Schulz spans the stylistic spectrum from genuine club boards ("OK", "Shed A Light", "Naked") to reclined chillout tracks ("Above TheClouds") to almost flawless pop songs with an absolute catchy tune character ("Oh Child" , "Like You Mean It") and pop ballads like "Higher Ground" and "Love Me A Little". “David Guetta has now become a very good friend. We have known each other for several years now; I was very much supported by him at the beginning of my career. We often play together and I already hosted his `Fuck Me I'm Famous` night in Ibiza in 2016 & 2017! After several remixes, it was just time to make a record together. 

And when choosing his other collaboration partners, Robin Schulz found on Uncovered his special flair for extraordinary voices and the right mix of club elements, organic instrumentation and contemporary urban pop vibes. "I let myself be influenced by many factors," said Robin in conclusion. "This can be anything! A great voice, a great song or someone in general that I've always wanted to work with and that I'm a total fan of. For me it is less about big names than something that inspires me. 

With the current album, Robin Schulz seamlessly ties in with his previous single successes such as "Sun Goes Down (feat. Jasmine Thompson)", "Headlights (feat. Ilsey)", "Sugar (feat. Francesco Yates)", "Show Me Love (feat . JUDGE) ”or“ Heatwave (feat. Akon) ”. Robin Schulz currently has more than 15 million records sold, for which he has received over 250 gold and platinum awards, four ECHOs and a Grammy nomination. Schulz's tracks topped the top 1 single charts in over 20 countries and the top 1 iTunes charts in over 70 countries. With over four billion total streams, Robin Schulz is one of the most streamed artists on the planet today. In addition, Schulz has now entered the German Airplay Charts number one eight times; In addition, he was the first German artist to shoot number 1 on the worldwide Shazam charts. His 2014 mega hit "Prayer In C (feat. Lilly Wood & The Prick)" was the most successful international hit by a German artist of all time. Robin Schulz was the artist with the most precious metal awards in Germany in 2015. He also managed to establish the largest music-relevant YouTube channel with 2.5 million subscribers and 1.7 billion video views.  

And Robin himself? Despite his success and his many flight miles, he always stayed on the ground with both feet. Old Osnabrück tradition. What is Robin Schulz most proud of so far? "On the fact that I still have the same friends. And that I show that anything is possible with music. There is still a lot I can achieve. Many great ways to go and goals to pursue. If you don't lose the fun and work hard, there are certainly a few successes to be celebrated here and there. ”


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